Hot Wing Fanatics 2012-2013

Ah, senior year of high school. Four short years ago I was wondering what my life would be like after leaving San Jose. I’d say that a lot has changed since then. I have become more independent, learned how to really study, and mastered the art of balance- something any successful college student will do. Many of my tastes have changed, but my love for food has only deepened.

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what I want to do with my life professionally. I’m beginning to write cover letters and fill out job applications, causing me to reflect on what I have accomplished that makes me a valuable candidate. That made me think of the Hot Wing Fanatics..

One night at the beginning of the school year, I went to Wingstop for dinner with a group of friends. We had so much fun that we did it again a week later and had a hot wing eating contest. Club rush came around and my friend Garrett and I somehow came up with the idea to make a club out of it. We called ourselves the “Hot Wing Fanatics,” made a tri-fold poster and a sign up sheet, and had our first meeting.

Before we knew it, we were up and running. The Wingstop across the street agreed to let us have fundraisers on Wednesday’s and collect 15% of every purchase made with one of the flyers I designed and helped distribute. All the money we raised went right back to Wingstop. We used it to pay for wings that the whole club could eat together during school lunch once a month. The whole idea was a little silly, but it brought us all together, gave us something to work towards, and helped make a memory.

The coolest part was getting the attention of the Wingstop CEO, Charlie Morrison. We reached out to him on Twitter and he came to San Jose and bought us all wings. We even got our own personal Wingstop merchandise and a two-page spread in the yearbook.

The Hot Wing Fanatics sadly retired after we graduated, but the club served its purpose in that year. We had fun, and I had my first big food break.

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