If You Like Your Coffee Hot..

(Points if you know the song)

While I can easily operate a Keurig, I know very little about the ratios between foam, milk and espresso. However, I do know a lot about the pleasure that stems from that eloquent and familiar combination. I know the way the pillowy foam playfully swirls through my mouth as if it is warning my taste buds about the bitterly sweet and highly caffeinated liquid about to spill onto my tongue, enveloping my senses.. First, I capture the heat between my hands that lift the cup to reach my lips. This touch is followed by the complex aroma that is so robustly fragrant, yet delicate at the same time. The crisp taste of my coffee complements the crisp, Oregon mornings, making me once again grateful for my sweater and my surroundings.

Being both a breakfast person and a college student, it’s only fitting that I have become such an ardent coffee drinker. I’ve already reached my max height so I don’t have to worry about stunting my growth, but I probably should start worrying about the caffeine dependency I’ve developed over the course of the year. On the bright side, I’d take a caffeine dependency over a boy dependency any day. Below are some pictures of my caffeinated crutch, my drink of choice, my favorite type of bean, type of shot, smell, taste, and temperature. Coffee: my 165° companion.

Stay tuned for a post of all the best coffee shops in Eugene, Oregon, coming soon.

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