Documenting my weekend @ Whistler, BC through food

  1. Friday: Dinner @ Quattro – 1/2 order Gnocchi al Pomodoro
    To celebrate our arrival, we dined at the Italian restaurant next to our hotel because we were too hungry to explore anything further. Toasting with legal drinks was the best way to start the weekend. The gnocchi was okay, the company was better. Both the quality and taste do not compare to my favorite, served at Pizza Antica in San Jose, CA. The restaurant was beautiful and the service was great. My friends all enjoyed their meals, but mine was very un-noteworthy.
  2. Saturday: Breakfast @ Elements Urban Tapas Parlour After leading the group in the wrong direction (I insisted following me was a bad idea), we finally made it to Elements, recommended by Yelp and were given about a 30-minute wait time. We left to get coffee, and came back just in time to be seated. Everything on the menu looked amazing, so I went with the waiters recommendation of the Tomato & Avocado Benedict with bacon and not only was it the prettiest looking breakfast ever, it also tasted just as great. With aged cheddar and pesto hollandaise, I was in breakfast heaven. Also pictured is the Traditional French Toast, good, but un-noteworthy. Last is the Corn Fritters “topped with fresh spinach, pancetta, two poached eggs, hollandaise and tomato relish,” which was incredible.  Both the first and the last items are unlike anything I’ve eaten in the states.
  3. Saturday: Drinks @ Longhorn Saloon & Tommy Africa Pictured first is a Tropical Bomb from Tommy Africa, some sort of drop shot. It tasted great and was popular among my group. Second is a Mexican Bulldog (left) and Strawberry Bulldog (right) from Longhorn Saloon. These include two ounces of rum, margarita mix, and an upside-down Corona in the Bulldog and Mikes Hard Lemonade in the Strawberry Bulldog. The margarita drinks are well known at the bar and a must try. They taste sweet and are fun to sip on.
  4. Sunday: Breakfast @ Wildwood Cafe
    On this early morning Carli and I set out to this breakfast spot based on a Tinder recommendation (it’s good for something). We had to thank the guy after because this was one of the best breakfasts I have ever had. Pictured left is the Sampler Benedict. The verdict was good, the plate was mostly cleared, but the hollandaise sauce was not up to par. Middle picture was my meal, the Wild Breakfast Bowl with “sautéed onions, peppers and mushrooms over pan friend Pemby potatoes, topped with two eggs scrambled with cheddar and served with whole wheat toast.” It was incredible. Right was a piece of banana bread french toast we couldn’t not try.
  5. Sunday: Dinner @ La Cantina
    La Cantina struck out to us taco lovers and successfully exceeded our expectations. It may have helped that we were famished after an afternoon of skiing, but the good prices, colorful tacos, and satisfied stomachs made us more than happy. Pictured left from front to left to right is the Cochinita, “Mayan style pulled pork topped with pickled red onion, cilantro pesto,” the Fish, “Cornflake crumble, guajillo mayo, cucumber pico de gallo,” and the Poblano, “Poblano pepper, mushrooms, creamy chipotle sauce, sweet corn, feta.”

  6. Sunday: Drinks @ Garfinkel’s
    Following dinner, we joined an organized Bar Crawl group, where we kicked off at Cinnamon Bear Bar & Grill, went to Garfinkel’s, and followed that with Maxx Fish and finally Tommy Africa. The pictures below are of jack and coke’s and tequila shots at Garfinkel’s.
  7. Sunday: Drunchies @ 21 Steps Kitchen & Bar
    This is by far my favorite excursion because in the midst of the bar crawl where we switched back and forth between bars we had already been to as well as ones that weren’t even on the list, I insisted I needed food (those tacos didn’t hold me over for very long). I’m not sure why we decided this place was the best way to satisfy my drunchies, but there were no fast food joints, and when in Whistler.. right? We made our way to the upstairs lounge where people were intimately seated for a classy drink and high quality dining. It is listed as Modern Comfort Food and none of the dishes are under $20. We decided on two small plates after reading the menu as fast as we could. Pictured front are the Bacon Wrapped Filets with horseradish aioli, and back is the Blue Crab Cakes with key lime chili aioli. We cleared both plates before the food even had a chance to cool down, devouring each delicious bite. I can’t say my review is very accurate considering my blood alcohol content at the time, but I can accurately say that it was the best drunk meal I have ever and probably will ever have eaten.

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