Valentine’s Day

Shelves are stocked with chocolate, the phones of flower shops are ringing off the hook, and reservations are being made. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and with that comes the ever present reminder for us singletons that we are spending Sunday alone, because lets face it, friends don’t count.

After going through a break up on Valentine’s Day last year (then getting back together, followed by a final break up six months later), I think it’s safe to say that this holiday sucks. I’ll admit, the sweet treats, decorations, and signifier that spring is near can put even the biggest Valentine’s Day-protestor in a better mood, but serving couples at your place of work and scrolling through the Valentine’s Day Instagram posts will make any single persons eyes roll to the back of their head. Luckily, with my sorority formal less than a week later, finding a date for that is distracting me from even worrying about being alone this Sunday. Who has free time these days anyway?

Valentine’s Day hit its prime back in elementary school when we had to give everyone in our class a mini card and piece of candy. Now, all we can do is make the most of it by trying Starbucks’ Valentine’s Drinks, taking day trips to Portland with our best friends, and loving ourselves. (very cheeseball, but truuuuuue)

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