My Second Favorite Kind of Greek

The faint sound of whispers are heard behind closed doors, side-eye is exchanged at the dinner table between heaping bites of spaghetti the chefs made for the third time this month and the blindingly bright bathrooms are filled with hair products, judgment, and mascara stained counter tops. This same house contains muffled laughter coming from two beds pushed together at 2am, a weekly tradition of “Cookie Wednesday,” a book club to remember that reading can be fun when it’s not required, and intensely loyal friends.

As a high school senior who anxiously anticipated graduation day, joining a sorority had never crossed my mind. I spent four years trying to avoid drama; I was not going to empty my parents bank accounts just to relive those not so glorious four years. As a current college junior who is thankful for the freshman roommate who convinced me to go through recruitment and became one of my closest friends, I can say with confidence that you cannot put a price on, or simplify into one sentence what you will truly gain from joining a sisterhood.

Sororities are not defined by the matching apparel, the obsession over party themes or the personal box of craft supplies you will inevitably acquire, but instead by the values each sister exemplifies, the mission we fulfill, and the woman we become at the end of it all. Sounds fake, I know, but after time it becomes nearly impossible to escape relating to those cheese-ball quotes on Pinterest about finding friends for life.

With every good comes a little bad, and some Wednesday’s end up cookie-less. If you really want to know the dirty details of sorority drama, you will probably be disappointed to hear that we don’t plot revenge against girls that hook up with a sisters crush, we don’t haze, and we don’t slut shame one another. Instead, our drama comes from who stole who’s late plate, who used someone’s hair straightener, and crazy rules from internationals. While the gossip can get juicy at times, the drama is pretty mild considering we’re talking about a group of 200 college girls.

To be honest, there have been many occasions where I have questioned my own sanity for joining something that requires members to wear makeup, apply “at least two hot tools to your hair,” and spend countless hours practicing “chit-chat” and “door lines” for formal recruitment. Greek life is definitely not for everyone, and while I can’t say I agree with everything that goes on, I don’t really see it happening any other way. As I sit here on a bus to Canada for a crazy adventure with my best friend and sorority sister, I can verify that both my college experience and life have been forever changed by Gamma Phi Beta.

Greek life is my second favorite kind of Greek, falling not so far behind from the wonderful flavors of Greek food.

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