2016 Reminders

Things to remember in 2016 because it’s about damn time

  • Jealousy is a useless emotion
  • Holding grudges hurts more than it helps
  • Stop taking things so personally
  • Don’t think about your ex
  • In most cases, he’s not the one
  • Don’t let someone pressure you into sexual favors
  • Friends are forever, boyfriends are for now
  • Go to sleep- Instagram will still be there in the morning
  • Life is worth living
  • If you don’t go out you won’t always miss out
  • Stop pressing snooze
  • You don’t need another cookie
  • Study more than you think you need to
  • You do have enough time for the gym
  • Call your best friend
  • Stay out of the kitchen after 8pm
  • Stop procrastinating

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