Out of Order

Finding a place to start a blog does not come naturally because no matter what day it is, you are in the middle of your life. This may not be true for everyone, but for an undergraduate student in her twenties, everything seems to over lap and nothing seems to begin or end. Different stages of life seem to mesh together and benchmarks that seem so far away turn into yesterday. My life is a constant battle to forget my past, embrace my present, and plan for my future. That may categorize me as any other twenty year old girl, but maybe that’s part of the magic of it.

All of us are the same really; it’s our small differences that make us interesting. These are the things only known by those who linger. The English language I learned is no different than yours, but the arrangement of words I can create on a page is my creative instrument of choice, similar to the beauty one may create in a painting, musical composition, or a code. My favorite images are the ones created through words that come alive in the mind, and survive as black font burned into the memory behind scanning eyes.

I’m writing this to release the words that have been stuck restlessly in my brain, in hopes that someone other than myself will entertain my ideas and thoughts. I don’t have a true vision of where this will go, but you don’t know until you try, so here goes.

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